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You can find information on my published short form works below, organized by type.

Some were published under the name 'Hien Fox'.


<1000 word stories


1 / The Nineteenth Smile

Published by Fudoki Magazine. April 2021. 

Read here

A midwife struggles to teach one particularly difficult human child.

2 / Dislodging Fish Bone

Published by Invisible City. September 2022.

Read here

A creative non-fiction flash story on a childhood memory.

[content warnings: hospitalization, maternal death, an individual on life support]

3 / Rebirth

Published by All Worlds Wayfarer. March 2023.

Buy Issue 14 here

A young woman wakes up in a strange body.


100 word stories


1 / A Sailor's Fear

Published by Insignia Stories. February 2021. 

Read here

A young sailor faces darkness at sea.

Featured in: Insignia Stories' Mythical Creatures of Asia anthology & Women in Horror Month. 

The Mythical Creatures of Asia anthology also features two additional drabbles of mine and is available here.

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